Fi Youm Wi Leilah - 1Fi Youm Wi Leilah - 2Fi Youm Wi Leilah - 3
By: Music fan, US
Fi Youm Wi Leilah is one of the best that Warda has ever sung. The composer, Mohamed Abed El Wahab, was so proud of this song, and he worked on it for more than two years. The result is a song that would never be forgotten. Since Warda sang Fi Youm Wi Leilah, this song has become part of the Arab memory, and Warda has turned her name to a legend. Don't miss this opportunity, and get the CD which will give you the best idea on the high quality of Arabic music, and the melody that you will never forget.

By: Kkhel from Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States

One of Warda's Best Albums, if you like arabic musice, you won't regret buying this album for its beat and words. Highly recommend.

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