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Despite strict doctors' orders Warda hopeful of releasing a new album
(Albawaba - February 10, 2004)

Despite doctors warning about over exhausting herself, Algerian singer Warda snuck to one of the studios near her temporary residence in Egypt to study the new different song offers she has received from a number of companies in addition to songs she herself had previously chosen. The singer is hopeful that her doctors will allow her to proceed in working on a new album, at the same time that they have forbidden her to hold any live performances.
Warda had begun holding extensive working sessions with numerous Egyptian composers and poets to choose the songs for her first album after a two-year absence. The singer had received the green light from her doctors to resume her career after undergoing liver transplant in France and successfully surviving the surgery, reported the Qatar based daily, Al Raya. The singer stressed that she wants to make a strong comeback and is careful on the kind of songs she chooses for her new album wanting to present her audience with the same standards and even better than they were used to. Warda had announced plans to return to the music world, after regaining her health and taking time off relaxing in Algeria. The singer denied previous rumors that she had left Egypt to live in Algeria on a permanent basis. Warda reestablished her old contacts in Egypt from the music industry in order to set herself up properly and begin work on a new album. The singer revealed that her stay in Egypt will be a long-term one, and denied all rumors of ending her career, at least for the time being. Warda dismissed all recent circulating rumors she had received orders from doctors to stop singing.
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February 10, 2004 - 'Warda talks about Dhikra in an interview' posted by Enkil. Thanks ;)
If you go to Wardaonline's guestbook, recently there was a person who posted in french and mentioned that Warda made an interview I emailed him and ask him to write me the interview and he emailed me back unfortunatly, in this interview Warda didn't talk about her projects. Here's the interview that I translated (this comes from Sami Ben Moussa):

Warda talked only about Dhikra, she didn't talk about herself, not about her projects and not even about her health. She was wearing a long "Djellaba" in blue turquoise (something like that) and on top a black cap. She looked sad. She mentioned that Dhikra was a friend of hers. When she heard the news, she thought that it was a lie. Warda asked her brother Riadh to call Dhikra to make sure it wasn't true. Warda said that Dhikra was "gipsy". Dhikra didn't care about her look but that she was clean and just lived the present. Warda said she didn't deserve a tragic death. She considered Dhikra as her daughter, she would give her tips, specially not to close your eyes when you sing. She said she had a beautiful voice that is odd to find one. Dhikra didn't have alot of songs. Warda said she liked Dhikra when she used to sing Oum Kalthoum.
April 09, 2004
2 photos of Warda added.
April 10, 2004
4 photos of Warda taken in 1962 and 1973, concert and magazine were sent by Hanan Mostafa.
1962 1973 magazine Concert
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