Warda: Ana Leya Men Gherak Anwar Amara
Warda has always been innovative and creative ever since she made her debut in Cairo in 1958 with such great composers like Riadh Essombati and Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Her newest album, Ana Leya Min Ghirak, is still another proof that this unrelentig pillar of Arabic music still has a great potential for going on, despite negative criticisms of her new wave of music. It is true that she is becoming more modern, but she still cares about her choice of words and melodies, and the living proof is that Batwannis Beek, and Nar El Ghira, and others, didn't die after 6 months, and Ana leya Min Ghirak will equally survive.

I did not think Warda will be coming back with a new album. Warda is a strong and powerful artist. She did a big come back with her new CD, the songs were very inspiring and again Warda present only the best to her audience. Another characteristic of our beloved Warda is the introduction of new talented musicians and artists in her work, the Algerian song in her cd is to applause but i wish it was arranged differently. I can not wait for her next work.

Jason Hamdan
This CD is more than great. Warda's voice here is wonderfull and fresh as usual. I really liked her song "Minnak" in this CD; great music and unique performance. Warda is our Diva and our international singer to everybody on this planet. I like the new musical techniques with the digital arrangement used in this high volume work of Warda. She is not a singer, but a legend artist for the arabic music history. All the songs here are roses of tunes and a relief to the heart. Viva vive Warda, viva vive Warda...

Haider Khaled
I think her latest album is very good. She shows us how to make different songs with different qualities. But I think that she still have to make "tarab" songs like her songs in the 60´es and 70´es. I like very much her song "Haramt ahebak". She has to make some great songs in which will survive. I hope that I can hear the song "liya min gheirak" in 1- 2 years from now. But I dont think so. Good work, Warda, but make it better if you can.

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