Size: 72 x 72 pixels, 24-bits of colors
Icons 1 Icons 2
Download: icon1.zip (58.7 kb) Download: icon2.zip (50.3 kb)
Transparent DeskTop (Win 95 & 98)
Transparent DeskTop gives you control over the color of the text and its background that labels the icons of your computer desktop.
Download: transtop.zip (16.3 kb)
Including wallpaper, icons, cursors and sounds.
Warda Theme 1
Download: wdtheme1.zip (1.69 MB)
Warda Theme 2
Download: wdtheme2.zip (2.06 MB)
Warda screen saver [see preview]
With background music
Download: warda.zip (1.02MB)
Warda Palette Parade [see preview]
Note: Both of these files should be placed in the Windows SYSTEM directory. Once placed in the Windows System directory the screensaver will be automatically available to the screen saver module of Windows Control Panel for you to select it in exactly the same way as any other screensaver
Download: wardapp.zip (175 kb)
Warda Bubbles [see preview]
Note: same as Warda Palette Parade
Download: wbubble.zip (175 kb)
Warda Stamps [see preview]
Note: same as Warda Palette Parade
Download: wstamps.zip (175 kb)
WALLPAPERS (800 x 600)

Fan contributions: Wallpapers made by Cleopatra. (629 x 424)
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